Premium Digestive Health Support

Helps maintain overall gastrointestinal health for the relief of symptoms associated with colic and gastric upset, hind-gut acidosis and mycotoxin poisoning. 

Clinically Tested

Backed by outcome-based clinical studies. Absorbatox® , the key component in Equine Balance, will become your go-to natural dietary supplement for total gut restoration which addresses the root cause of acute and chronic gut diseases. Including aiding in skin and wound healing and with antihistamine properties.


100% Organic & Natural

Equine Balance is made from a proprietary natural Absobratox® blend of minerals which provides direct detoxifying performance through its ion exchange and adsorption capacity. Tested premium composition for all horses including sensitive & challenging eaters. Includes antihistamine properties and aids in skin and wound healing. Natural relief for colic and gastric upset, hind-gut acidosis, and mycotoxin poisoning.

The Science Behind the Product

Absorbatox® nanotechnology is specially manipulated and potentiated to act as a “super-mop” for gastrointestinal support.

Premium natural gastrointestinal support supplement for horses to help alleviate disturbances and discomfort.