The aim of the product is to remove unwanted chemicals and microbes from the gastrointestinal tract. This is enabled via ion-exchange, and ab- and adsorption, creating a balance within the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) positively enhancing the entire body. The device only works through the GIT and never enters the blood system and is excreted normally 8 to 12 hours later.

This mode of action is usually referred by scientists as a “Super-Mop”.

The Natural Technology of the Future.

The active ingredient in Equine Balance® is, Absorbatox® which is a proprietary blend and derived from a natural manipulated and potentiated mineral, however, this specialized type is only found in one single mineral deposit worldwide. These molecules have a well-defined, microporous, crystalline structure, which carry an excessive negative charge, usually compensated for by cations. It can also be manipulated to carry an excessive positive charge which makes ion exchange possible. Clinical studies and trials have shown that Absorbatox® can absorb a wide range of compounds detrimental to human and animal health such as heavy metals, histamines, and toxins, which are then fully excreted by the body having been bound by the specific manipulated Absorbatox®.

The unique properties of Absorbatox® are derived firstly from the only known source of this mineral which, unlike others, is free of heavy metals and other impurities, and secondly, from an internationally patented process which stably enhances its cation exchange capacity (CEC) up to 5 times more than what is achieved in nature and increases it’s Moh hardness. These properties of Absorbatox® allow it to adsorb interchangeably unwanted substances for elimination via the gastrointestinal tract or by binding to these when applied topically on the skin or wound surfaces.

This Bio-Nano advanced technology provides a fundamental structure for our Equine Balance® product ensuring a premium product at a fraction of the cost.