Equine Balance is a registered gut modulator for the relief of symptoms associated with colic and gastric upset, hind-gut acidosis and mycotoxin poisoning. In addition, Equine Balance has shown antihistamine properties.  

Pour contents of sachet over feed as required immediately prior to feeding. Intervention: 1 sachet twice a day for the average horse. Dosage may be increased with an additional sachet for larger horses until improvement is noticed. Prevention and Maintenance: 1 sachet a day for the average horse. Dosage may be increased for larger horses. Feed: 1 sachet a day as toxin and ammonia binder.

Depending on the frequency of dose for intervention or for maintenance and depending on the weight of the horse, the pouch can last between 3 – 4 weeks.

Equine Balance is clinically tested, has no drug interactions, non-systemic and has had no adverse effects reported from the 12.5 million doses given. 

Through Equine Balance adsorption and detoxifying performance, Equine Balance can help your horse’s hind gut through a maintenance dose of Equine Balance.

The nutritional label is on the back of the pouch or alternatively you can find it here.

Absorbatox®, the active ingredient within Equine Balance, is extremely safe & natural. We must remember that Equine Balance does not enter the bloodstream, kidneys or liver. It remains only in the GIT, it, therefore, cannot bring about any condition or sensation. It is this action which is totally unique to Equine Balance.

Absorbatox®, the active ingredient, makes use of the GIT (Gastro Internal Tract) as a flushing and detoxing device.

These areas are thus cleaned of the toxins and excreted from the body in a normal manner. The horses body, which wants to maintain equilibrium throughout, then via normal blood circulation, re-deposits these toxins along the surface of the GIT.

Unfortunately, everything we imbibe and have imbibed leaves a residue which is also caught up in this fatty layer.

The next Equine Balance dosage then flushes these re-deposited toxins from the body again.